Friday, October 21, 2022

Of world-shaking events

I'm delighted to report that Mars: Life and Death (officially only the working title, though no one's yet come up with a better name) has been delivered to the publisher. Trust me: events therein are matters of life and death.

The arena ...
When can you read it? To be determined. These things take time. My best guess is late 2023 or early 2024. 

More news as it happens ...

Monday, October 3, 2022

Books (fewer than) a million

 And yet, lots of book news.

Two new novels in the works :-)

On the Shoals of Space-Time (through Caezik Science Fiction and Fantasy, an imprint of Arc Manor) now has an official release date: May 23, 2023.

Mars: Life and Death (likewise through Caezik)(here, I'm using what's nominally a working title) is in complete first draft and in the hands of beta readers. I'm guessing it'll be out in a year or so.

I'll (of course!) have more to say about each novel as its release approaches.

New editions of four older titles (none yet with a release date)

The Company Man (a novel; through Phoenix Pick, the reprint imprint at Arc Manor)

Creative Destruction (my earliest collection; through ReAnimus Press)

Countdown to Armageddon / A Stranger in Paradise (a short novel plus a short collection; through ReAnimus Press)

The Sherlock Chronicles & The Paradise Quartet  (two novella-ized story arcs; through ReAnimus Press)

I foresee see a lot of copy-edit reading, galley review, and proofreading ....