Tuesday, May 25, 2021

DÉJÀ DOOMED is ... finalement here :-)

I've really looked forward to making this post. Why? Because Déjà Doomed -- with or without the accent marks, search engines being entirely indifferent to them -- was officially published earlier today.

Also, there's no expectation anyone reads French ;-)

What if First Contact becomes ... Last Contact?

On the Moon's far side, shielded from Earth’s radio cacophony, Americans are building a radio-astronomy observatory. Russians sift the dust of a lunar "sea" for helium-3 to run future fusion reactors. Commercial robots, remotely operated from Earth, roam the Moon's near side in a hunt for mineral wealth. Why chase distant asteroids for precious metals? Onetime asteroids must lie close beneath the much-bombarded lunar surface.

Then a prospecting robot encounters a desiccated, spacesuited figure. An alien figure ….

Americans dispatched from the lunar observatory investigate. Near the original find, underground, they discover an alien installation. Lunar Russians, realizing that the Americans are up to something clandestine, send their own small team. Each group distrusts the other … even before the fatal "accidents" begin. By the time anyone suspects what ancient evil they have awakened, it may be too late -- 

For everyone on Earth, too.

"Impressive character work and invigorating twists … a buried lunar treasure."

Publishers Weekly

Monday, May 17, 2021

“Holy crap, this is a great book.”

(Last updated September 6, 2022)

Okay, that may be my favorite blurb ever. It's about Déjà Doomed, a direct quote from my recent interview on podcast Sci-Fi Saturday Night. 

Surrounding the forthcoming (May 25) release of this novel, lately I've done several interviews -- not all yet posted -- with more to come. Also, formal reviews will start to roll in. So: I decided to maintain a post with links to those reviews and interviews. Here's what's been posted so far:


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Chat with everything-award-winner Robert J. Sawyer (written)

Pen for Hire (video)

Book Lights (audio)

Going North (audio)

Awesome Book Promotion (written)

Writers Showcase (video)

NF Reads (written)

The Author Library (video)

NBC House of Mystery (audio)

Schmidt Talk (audio) (those intermittent whines and bangs are on the interviewer's end!)

Reader's Entertainment (written)

A Campaign for the American Reader trifecta, at My Book, The Movie , the quirky-but-fun Page 69 Test, and Q&A with Edward M. Lerner (all written)

Reading Nook (written)

Literary Lounge (audio); I'm introduced at ~15.5 minutes into the show. While the hosts and I discuss my career in general and several of my books, more than anything (if toward the end), it's Déjà Doomed.  

Author Talk (video [as posted on Facebook]). About my books past and future, snow, cooking, and other sundry.

Worldshapers (audio). All about my writing journey, interviewed by fellow SF author Edward Willett.

Prachesta (written): general, with mentions of Déjà Doomed and forthcoming books.

Writers Corner (video): with my reading from Déjà Doomed (starting at about 19:20 into the recording).

The Protagonist Speaks (written): in which Ekaterina Borisova Komarova -- Katya to her friends -- a non-POV character in Déjà Doomed finally has her say.


Publishers Weekly

H. M. Gooden (author of The Rise of the Light series)

National Space Society (spoiler alert)

Stay tuned :-)