Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Juggler of Worlds

Full disclosure up front: Today's post IS explicitly about my own writing. I have a new book released today, and that's still enough of a novelty (heh!) to be special.

Juggler of Worlds
Juggler of Worlds is my second collaboration with NY Times bestseller Larry Niven (the first was Fleet of Worlds). Juggler takes place in Larry's far-ranging Known Space venue – and Juggler's release is what's had me musing in a recent post about faster-than-light travel in SF.

Known Space brims with aliens and interstellar adventure -- with plots briskly advanced by FTL drives. And Juggler itself? It has a brilliant human paranoid with a gift for sniffing out alien plots, plenty of aliens plotting, and heroic aliens, too. If you're a Known Space aficionado (NOT required), Juggler is an opportunity to discover that much of what you believe about Known Space … isn't quite what you thought.

Curious about Known Space? The Incompleat Known Space Concordance is a neat resource.

If you're curious about Juggler of Worlds itself, check out Amazon or see what the publisher has to say.


thecoppins said...

Hiya from down under.
Just popping a note to say loved Fleet of Worlds (Big Larry Niven Fan), and really looking forward to Juggler. Ordered from Amazon, but have to wait for shipping to good old Oz. Sure wishing we had FTL delivery, lol.

Edward M. Lerner said...

G'day, Chris, and thanks for your note. Sorry I can't speed up delivery for you.

Anonymous said...

Started it last week Ed.

I'll be reviewing it for (probably) both Ray Gun Revival and SFReader.

I had to do a headshake when I found myself confronted by Beowulf and BVS-1. Pretty cool, that's like warping in the entire Known Space canon

Edward M. Lerner said...

Hi, Crotchety,

I look forward to your review(s).

(Promise you'll be over your can't-read-ANYthing-anymore funk ;-))

- Ed

Unknown said...

Hi Ed - will they be releasing an eBook version of Juggler of Worlds like Fleet of Worlds? I'm weaning myself off of paper and onto digital only books. Makes for cleaner shelfs - plus I'm repurchasing books I ready years ago. Would love to read this when it goes eBook. Thanks!

Edward M. Lerner said...

Hi cfxa --

A Juggler ebook -- or not -- is in Tor's hands. I would guess it'll happen eventually (as you pointed out, Fleet has an ebook edition), but I won't attempt to predict the timing.

Feel free to contact the publisher to request an ebook. The more people do that, the sooner an ebook will happen.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

- Ed

Unknown said...

Thanks for your swift reply ! I'll do that.

kraDen said...


When will the ebooks for "fleet of worlds" and "juggler of worlds" be available in Australia?


Edward M. Lerner said...

kraDen, I wish I had an answer -- that would mean someone had bought Australian rights. Unless/until that happens, I can't even guess.

- Ed