Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Writer Beware

Many readers aspire to be writers. Every big SF con has panels for aspiring writers. Every book signing I do, I'm asked about getting into writing.

Writing, like any business, has its quirks. One unfortunate quirk, alas, is an overabundance of people ready to exploit would-be authors. Scams abound.

Happily, resources also abound. Among the best resources is a website supported by the Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

To wit, Writer Beware -- with a name that needs little explanation.

I'll also mention the insensitively titled but very insightful two-part article "The Clueless" in the August-September and October-November issues of the SFWA Bulletin. The Bulletin is available to non-members, and many libraries subscribe.

Another popular resource for aspiring writers is Preditors & Editors.

Want to write professionally? These sites are worth checking out.

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