Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kilometerstone (et. al.)

SF and Nonsense is still a very new blog. Reaching 1000 visitors, in my book, counts as a milestone.

I'm not quite there yet. But miles? English units are so un-science-y. Earlier today, when the visitor count passed 621, I declared it a kilometerstone.

If that's a bit of a stretch, well, I wanted an administrivia post to which to append this item. Obscurely placed beneath my profile -- and in text that is, for reasons only Blogspot knows, available only in faint gray -- I've been running a readers poll. To wit: Would a monthly or bimonthly interactive chat about the state of science and science fiction -- the topics of this blog -- interest you? If you hadn't noticed it, or haven't voted, allow me to direct your attention to the poll.

The poll runs through December 31. If there's enough interest, I'll arrange a chat early in 2009 -- first announcing the details in the blog, of course.

If you have strong feelings about the timing of a chat (weekends, say, or weekday evenings), post a comment or send an email. As for my constraints, I live in the U.S. Eastern time zone. That's GMT -5 hours.


John said...

I'm on eastern time as well. Due to my long commute weeknights past 7 are best. Weekends would also work.

PS just picked up Fools' Experiments and I can wait to get my current book out of the way so I can get started.

Edward M. Lerner said...

I went with a weekend for the inaugural (the word of the month) chat. See today's post for details.

Now get back to your reading ;-)