Saturday, February 14, 2009

Binary stars

This isn't a post about astronomy, but read on -- you'll find that the title is apt. (An author's reach should exceed his grasp, else what's a metaphor?)

SFsite's "Novel Delights of 2008" is newly posted. This isn't exactly a best-of list, but rather (in the reviewer's words) offered because "for pure thematic and/or literary variety and entertainment value I'd like to draw some attention to the following six novels." Only six books, fantasy and SF, and -- imagine my surprise -- two of the six titles are mine: Juggler of Worlds and Fools' Experiments. (Of course Juggler is also Larry Niven's.) These are excellent reviews, IMO, informative without spoilers.

The SFsite article is by Dave Truesdale, longtime contributor to the Hugo Award-nominated short-fiction review website Tangent Online and for several years now the "Off on a Tangent" essayist for F&SF magazine.

And here's a second twofer ... Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is a syndicated cable TV show (with an affiliated website) dedicated to SF. Their December 2008 book review was about Fleet of Worlds and -- back to back -- their January 2009 book review was about Juggler of Worlds. Again, both are my (and Larry's) books, this time one a 2007 release and the other a 2008 release.

The Fast Forward write-ups are also (still IMO, of course) good and spoiler-free reviews. As is to be expected: FF's long-time book reviewer, Colleen Cahill, is, by day, Library of Congress Recommending Officer for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

(Yes, yes ... you caught me vanity-surfing. Two double recognitions were too good not to share.)


Catreona said...

Definitely worth two pats on the back!

Edward M. Lerner said...

Thanks, Catreona!

- Ed