Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You deserve a break today

I find myself a bit talked out. Maybe that shouldn't surprise me. The stats show more than sixty posts over the past eight months.

Rather than post because it's been a few days -- and not because I have something new to say -- I'm going to pause for a bit.

But don't let that stop YOU. Are there science, technology, or SFnal topics you'd like discussed? Comment away. You might just restart my blogging juices.


Catreona said...

Hi Ed,

Yes, blogging can be exhausting. It's work, after all.

Topics I'd like to see addressed, here or elsewhere:

* SF and faith
* SF and disabilities

*shrug* If that helps, go for it.

Have a good rest. Hope to see you soon.

Unknown said...


Have you read Dune by Frank Herbert?


On Larry's e-mail list, someone remarked that humans will remain flatlanders until we embrace nuclear rocketry. What is your opinion?


Edward M. Lerner said...

Chemical rockets demonstrably lack the oomph to open up the solar system. That's why interplanetary missions, even robot missions weighing only a few tons, generally play loop-de-loop with a planet or two: to get acceleration from gravity assist.

Is nuclear rocketry the answer? Perhaps *an* answer, but probably not the only one. Space elevators (cheap delivery of lots of mass to low Earth orbit) plus ion propulsion (cheap, efficient, long-term propulsion) seems like another answer.

Catreona said...


I've read one of the prequil sequences by Brian Herbert and Keven Anderson, but not Dune itself. Even in the prequil sequence I've read, though, a faith recognizably descended from Islam is in evidence. I don't recall much that's recognizably Christian except one character's name, Xavior. Dune is on my list of books to read, but that's a rather lengthy list. *grin*