Sunday, October 25, 2009


I spent much of last weekend at Capclave 2009. Capclave is the annual DC area SF con. I don't always make it, but this was my fifth time there.

Like the dodo logo?  That's the Capclave symbol, befitting their slogan, "Where reading is not extinct!"

Capclave is a small, intimate con -- about 200 attendees in a typical year. It draws lots of local writers, including MAFIA.

MAFIA? That's "Making Appearances Frequently In Analog." We're a wacky enough bunch even to have buttons.

This year, the mafioso in attendance included Harry Turtledove (authorial guest of honor) and -- switching to alphabetical order -- Catherine Asaro, David Bartell, Michael Flynn, Chuck Gannon, Bud Sparhawk, Michael Swanwick, and Yours Truly. (And non-MAFIA participants, too, of course, including Sheila Williams, editor guest of honor [of Asimov's.])

Writing is a solitary profession, so it's nice to have a local opportunity to meet -- and party -- with colleagues. The panels were fun, too (I was on four of them), as was the book signing.

If you live anywhere near DC, I highly recommend the con.  Capclave 2010's authorial GoH: Connie Willis.

P.S. This is SF and Nonsense's 100th posting. 

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