Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving appetizers

Thanksgiving makes for a shortened work week (and yet here you are, surfing), and the turkey et. al. aren't going to eat themselves. 

I'm going to post this ahead of The Day, before the blogger (and perhaps a reader or two) succumbs to a tryptophan stupor. So, herewith a few pre-holiday mental appetizers ...

On the technology front: the Large Hadron Collider has been restarted. So far, so good. And the blogosphere appears to have moved on from last year's hysterical -- in both meanings -- concern that the LHC will cause the end of the world. This year, for the holidays, I'd like a Higgs boson.

On the sociology-of-science front: the AGW establishment has been found, shall we say, not playing well with others. Does the trove of hacked emails disprove anthropogenic global warming? No. It does mean, IMO, that the protestations of settled science and consensus need a fresh look. And that maybe the term "skeptic" -- as it should -- will cease to be pejorative when applied to science and scientists.

From the Department of Shoulda Used This for Halloween: Hacking brains for mischief and mayhem. Shades of Fools' Experiments

Finally, from the ever amusing folks at the Onion: the antidote to Twitter -- Noveller 

And to all my visitors: Have a great Thanksgiving!

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