Thursday, January 21, 2010

Year of Science redux

2009 was the Year of Science, through the cooperative vision of many leading national science organizations. Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my thoughts about YoS's 12 monthly themes (and if you're curious, check out this tag). All in all, count me as a fan.

And so, I was delighted to see that the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science the umbrella group behind YoS, is extending their efforts into the new year.

One of the new efforts is The Inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival, to be held in my (generously defined) backyard, in Washington DC. It's scheduled to be a two-week  event -- I am eager to learn more. 

I like to think that the new event's overlap with Capclave, the DC area's annual science-fiction convention -- this year, October 22-24 -- isn't coincidental. Of course I also like to think country-fried steak is a health food. Even the hardest of hard SF authors needs a bit of fantasy :-)  

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