Monday, April 26, 2010

No gap between Worlds

The Fleet of Worlds series so far consists of Fleet of Worlds (#1), Juggler of Worlds (#2), and Destroyer of Worlds (#3). (If that's Greek to you, check out the Fleet series page on my website.)

Fleet and Destroyer were released for the Kindle almost concurrently with the hardback edition. Not so Juggler: I've gotten lots of frustrated emails about the nonavailability of Juggler as an ebook. (One irate Amazon customer even gave Destroyer a one-star review solely because he couldn't get JOW on his Kindle. As much as I sympathized, I thought that a bit unfair.) As for why books one and three, but not two -- truthfully, I simply don't know.

So: I am delighted to report that the Amazon Kindle Store now offers Juggler of Worlds for the Kindle. For all of you who have been waiting -- I appreciate your patience.

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