Friday, July 16, 2010

Sounding off

Last updated January 2, 2023
I'm asked almost as often about the availability of my books in audio formats as about ebooks. So: I've decided to maintain a running list of my titles to which you can listen.

(Because what the heck -- high-tech mayhem, exotic aliens, monomaniacal AIs, and such are sure to enhance any road trip.)

Availability in any audio format often implies a variety of listening options: CDs, tapes (I'm not making this stuff up!), MP3, and other downloads. The links that follow give more information about a particular title. If you click through from my descriptive page to the corresponding Amazon page (or get to a title by way of Ed's Bookstore), the "formats" list, generally near and to the right of the book cover, will list your audio (and other) format options. 

Lerner solos currently in audio format

Probe (1991 [2011 and 2020 reissues])
Moonstruck (2005 [2011 and 2020 reissues])
Creative Destruction (2006)
Small Miracles (2009 [2015 reissue])
InterstellarNet: Origins (2010)
InterstellarNet: New Order (2010)
Countdown to Armageddon (2010) (*)
A Stranger in Paradise (2010) (*)
Energized (2012 [2018 reissue])
Déjà Doomed (2021)  

(*) Sold separately in audio formats, but combined in print and ebook formats. (You'll have to ask the publisher why.)

Lerner collaborations in audio format

Fleet of Worlds (2007)
Juggler of Worlds (2008)
Destroyer of Worlds (2009)
Betrayer of Worlds (2010)
Fate of Worlds (2012)


Robert said...

I just suggested "Fools' Experiments to a coworker, we work in technology so there is a definite connection for us. I really liked the book and want to tell you that I appreciated your not taking the easy way out like most authors and simply use something like an electrical storm, or freak accident to develop a malevolent digital entity.
Thank you for your hard work and I hope it pays off for you.

Edward M. Lerner said...

Thanks, Robert.

And why take the easy way? Creating the monster was half the fun.

- Ed