Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Real nanotech. Real medicine. And zombies.

Small Miracles is my near-future medical nanotechnology thriller -- and as of today, it's been reissued in mass-market paperback.

For the paperback edition, the cover background has been made lighter and brighter. That's a welcome change: you no longer have to take my word for it that those nanobots are swimming in blood :-)

Curious? Here's my October 2009 announcement of the hardback edition. For a sample from the novel, click through to Amazon. And here are a few recent reviews: 

"This book was smart, engaging, and tight, with all the little pieces fitting together ... Highly recommended."
— Intergalactic Medicine Show 

"A solid SF novel and we don't see many of them these days."
—SF Crowsnest 

"[Lerner] has proven himself a master of weaving intricate tales about future possibilities."
— Curled Up with a Good Book 

"I highly recommend Small Miracles to anyone interested in relatively near future SF, and in the fascinating possibilities of nanotechnology."
— Bookloons

"A very powerful argument for deliberation with experimental techniques as well as a suspenseful story—a modern day Frankenstein with the potential for global tragedy."
— Critical Mass

This being a commercial announcement, here's an Amazon link for Small Miracles.


Robert said...

I reserved a copy at Barnes and Noble about a month ago and I just got the call that they had it yesterday, I read the preview in Fools Experiments and have been waiting for months to read the rest.
Years ago when I first learned about nanotechnology I spent a lot of time thinking about the capabilities and possibilities. Eventually I realized that there were so many amazing things that could be done with nanotechnology that it was easier to think about the things that could "not" be done with nano-tech.

Edward M. Lerner said...

You've been waiting for a month? That's a lot of pressure ;-)

I hope the book lives up to your expectations.

- Ed

Robert said...

I just bought the book and need advice about whether to, read it all in one sitting and enjoy each new story peak hit by hit, or to read it slowly day by day and savor each part of the story with time to absorb each part individually. If any one has read the book, please help me but try not to spoil any part of it.

Edward M. Lerner said...


Small Miracles is a novel, not a short-story collection. The TOC lists section names.

- Ed

Robert said...

Sorry typo, I meant story "segments", or parts of the story. Sorry for the confusion.

Robert said...


I have been reading the book for 15-30 minutes most nights and just finished it, within my mind questions about the book abound but the one question I can ask without revealing too much is: The ending of Small Miracles seems to suggest a sequel, however the language and thematic devices used in the end closely match those used by other authors in books with teaser endings where no sequel follows. Are you planning to write a sequel or are you just leaving things open so that you "could" write a sequel?

Edward M. Lerner said...

Neither, actually. I wrote Small Miracles as a standalone; the ending you saw grew out of all that had gone before. I can't say more without posting a spoiler -- sorry.

(But *could* I write a sequel. Absolutely. If the publisher expresses interest, we'll talk.)