Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Juggling chainsaws

Mental chainsaws, anyway. Working too many projects at the same time *is* hazardous to one's mental health. But there's relief in sight. In the past few days I:

  • delivered Energized  to the publisher (best guess, released in about a year)
  • completed final prep for InterstellarNet: New Order release (best guess, September 15)
  • completed final prep for Betrayer of Worlds release (October 12th)
Energized is a near-future, energy-centric techno-thriller. I've been immersed in this book for most of the year.

InterstellarNet: New Order follows last spring's InterstellarNet: Origins. If you thought First Contact was tricky, wait till you see Second Contact. (I'll do a separate post as soon as I: NO becomes available.)

Betrayer of Worlds (a collaboration with Larry Niven) will be book four of the Fleet of Worlds series. But more than book 4, BOW is a new start within the series. If you've ever read Larry's Ringworld, this will speak to you: Betrayer of Worlds is Louis Wu's back story. (I'll do a separate post about this novel, too, when it comes out.)

After a few day's mental decompression ... it's off to begin Fate of Worlds.


MikeP said...

Can't wait for Betrayer! Love this series.


Edward M. Lerner said...

Always good to hear. :-)

- Ed