Monday, December 13, 2010

Ring(world) around the betrayer

(Updated December 14th)

The release (last October) of Betrayer of Worlds led to several interview requests, which Larry and I divvied up.  For those of you curious about things like how the book came to be written, how we work together, or about Larry's massively award-winning Ringworld -- to which Betrayer (and the rest, so far, of the Fleet of Worlds series) is a prelude -- here are a few items that you may find interesting:

My latest radio interview (now a podcast) at Fictional Frontiers (I open the show).

Larry's interview on Sci-Fi Talk, Betrayer of Two Worlds.

Larry's interview/retrospective for the Post and Courier: Ringworld Continues.

A December 14th update: Larry's interview on SciFiNow.

My SFsignal interview about Betrayer and much more.

More directly on the topic of Ringworld ... the Ringworld 40th anniversary retrospective at has had a bunch of interesting posts.  And surprisingly thought-provoking, here's an essay comparing and contrasting Ringworld with the TV series Lost.


Erik said...

Betrayer reveals information that makes you look at the events of Ringworld very differently. I'm having a blast trying to sort out (for example) who the Hindmosts are throughout the Ringworld series. Niven left these details ambiguous, but I imagine he knows more about the canon than he writes.

That begs the question: did the Fleet novels 'change' the cannon of the Ringworld books?

And for the record, my money is on Achilles as the deposed hindmost in Ringworld Engineers.

Edward M. Lerner said...

Come Fate of Worlds, everyone *will* know the true identity of Hindmost of the Ringworld books.

Now back to work on same ...

- Ed

MPD said...

Just finished Betrayer a few days ago, and can't wait for Fate. Do you have a tentative release date yet? I want to make sure I keep an eye out and/or preorder it. Thanks.

Edward M. Lerner said...


Publishers don't set a date for a book's release before the manuscript is in hand. For Fate of Worlds, turn-in is (being intentionally vague) several months away. At the earliest, then, late 2011. More likely sometime in 2012.

You can always try to satisfy your craving with a Lerner solo ;-)

- Ed

Felipe said...

I am very very late to the party...

First let me say I love your work.
I've been a big fan of Niven's work for a while, and your collaboration with him in this "series" has been some of the best I've read, on par with the original two Ringworld novels (and superior to Throne and Children). Hell, I liked Juggler way better than Crashlander too.

I do have a tiny question. The epilogue in Destroyer of Worlds, am I supposed to recognize anything there? Like the world and the time frama or anything? Should any of that be familiar at all? Cuz I REALLY liked... Whatever his name was. Thhshhthpok? I'd love to see more of him...

Btw, on the whole "Who is the Hindmost?" thing, I rather like it being up in the air. Fleet of Worlds sure implied it'd be Nike (thanks to Nessus infatuation with him) but I'm leaning more towards Baedeker right now. He's Hindmost 70 years before Ringworld, there's hints of an attraction between him and Nessus, and he's a brilliant scientist who's worked with Loius before... Seems most likely.

A quite question about Fate, I know most everything is in a "mum's the word" kind of state, but... When you say "Return from Ringworld" do we mean "post Ringworld CHILDREN" or "post RINGWORLD"? Because there IS that interim between Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers, before Louis goes wirehead, but I'd really like it to be post Ringworld Children...

Anyways, thanks for all the awesome work, and here's hoping there's even more to come. I got my girlfriend addicted to your books too, so she's now bugging me about Fate of Worlds too... Cheers!

Edward M. Lerner said...

Hi Felipe,

Late to the party? Bringing such high praise as you did, I'm not about to complain :-)

Re your questions:

There's no reason to recognize the planet at the end of Destroyer of Worlds -- and hence no hint how far Thssthfok drifted (or how long he was in stasis).

Fate of Worlds will indeed resolve the identity of Hindmost. As for exactly when after Ringworld the new book opens, I choose not to comment. You'll thank me.

Thanks for your interest and kind words.


- Ed