Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Death to keyboards ... for a few days, anyway

This year's Worldcon (aka, Chicon 7) begins Thursday August 30th and runs through Labor Day. I'm delighted to say that I'll be there. So if you, too, will be at the con in Chicago, stop me and say "Hi!"

For an SF author, of course, any Worldcon is a working holiday. Dates, times, and places are subject to change (by the Programming Committee), but here's my tentative schedule (also listing my fellow partners in crime, and with panel moderators on a gray background).

Interstellar Trade in an STL Universe
Assuming Einstein is right, we will still expand into the galaxy. What sort of trade is imaginable between star systems separated by travel times measured in years or decades?
LocationCrystal C : Green West
Start2012-08-30 15:00:00
End2012-08-30 16:30:00
PanelistsEdward M. Lerner
Joseph P. Martino
Charles Stross
W A (Bill) Thomasson
Chuck Walther

Autograph Session 1

LocationAutograph Tables : Purple East
Start2012-08-30 16:30:00
End2012-08-30 18:00:00
PanelistsCarol Berg
Lillian Cauldwell
Ellen Datlow
Jean Johnson
Edward M. Lerner
Anne Lyle
Pat Rothfuss
Lawrence M. Schoen
Maurine Starkey

Kaffeeklatsch: Walter H. Hunt

LocationFan Lounge KK#2 : Purple East
Start2012-08-31 15:00:00
End2012-08-31 16:30:00
PanelistsEdward M. Lerner

Science in SF
How much science is really needed in a story? How 'real' does the science have to be? How much fudging can you get away with?
LocationCrystal C : Green West
Start2012-09-01 13:30:00
End2012-09-01 15:00:00
PanelistsEdward M. Lerner
Ben Bova
Howard Davidson
Joseph P. Martino

Inner Space vs. Outer Space
Are the stars, or even the solar system, in humanity's future? Recent progress in genetics, neuroscience, computing, and nanotechnology has far outstripped progress in space exploration or travel. The problems that press on people and society the most - health care, aging, mental health, energy supplies, a damaged environment - have more to do with managing our planet than venturing into space. Should science fiction spend more time on the topics of inner space than outer space?
LocationCrystal C : Green West
Start2012-09-02 15:00:00
End2012-09-02 16:30:00
PanelistsBill Higgins
Kathryn Allan
Tad Daley
Edward M. Lerner

That I've listed these times and places isn't to say I won't be around elsewhere and -when -- only that at other times I won't (necessarily) have official assignments.

As an unofficial but scheduled event: I'll be taking a turn at the SFWA table in the Dealers Room Friday 8/31, from 11:00 till noon. That's another opportunity to get a book autographed or just to have a chat.

Chicago skyline. Photo by J. Crocker

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