Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of products, people, and particulars

About the recently concluded annual Consumer Electronics Show, you can find viewpoints for and against most any product -- or soon-to-be product, or wannabe product -- that was on exhibit. I read several such articles; I'd bet you did, too. But the report I was most taken with? From PC World: "Why Windows RT is hurtling toward disaster." Here's the takeaway: "Microsoft and ARM rolled snake eyes at CES 2013. Windows RT was not out in full force at the show, and for all intents and purposes, Windows RT died in the desert last week."

I had to smile at a piece in the Onion: "Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity: 'We Just Want To Visit Websites And Look At Them,' Users Say." What a concept.

Meanwhile, here's an intriguing new clue toward causes of cancer. From Gizmodo, "Scientists Spot Quadruple Helix DNA Working in Human Cells." Twice isn't always better (droll AT&T commercial notwithstanding).

Modern technology may lack the ability to clear our cells of molecular defects, but it can remove hidden traces from photos before we post them online. You might be surprised what info is embedded in the snaps you take, and what that data reveals about you. Again, from PC World, see, "Review: Wipe EXIF metadata from your images using ExifCleaner."

And for a few days, at least, I am now gone without a trace :-)

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