Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Impossible Futures

(Last updated September 6, 2013)

Remember when 2001 was the wondrous future? Remember all the super-neat technology you once expected we'd have by now? Personal jet packs, robot servants, and the like? Not just the stuff in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines, but the ideas that made the old science fiction so much fun.

cover by Duncan Eagleson
And with your help, it still can. See the Kickstarter campaign for the anthology Impossible Futures -- the excellent cover for which is nearby.

(Update: this project was funded. Read on for more ...)

Co-editors Judith Dial and Tom Easton have enlisted a stellar line-up of authors, including Allen M. Steele, Jack McDevitt, and Mike Resnick

Full disclosure: the "force fields" reference on the cover is to my contribution to the anthology, the new short story "Tour de Force."

Curious? Check out Impossible Futures (and Impossible Futures for Kindle) on Amazon.

Dial and Easton's first editorial collaboration was Visions of Tomorrow, about SF predictions that did come true.

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