Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two worthy SFnal causes

I continue to be enthused that the Museum of Science Fiction is (with a bit of luck) coming to DC, to take its place alongside -- though not as a part of -- one of my favorite institutions, the museums of the Smithsonian. I've blogged before about MOSF, but it's been awhile. To remedy that lapse, here are a few recent highlights:

... the Museum has signed a partnership agreement with DC Public Schools and was approved by Reagan National Airport (DCA) to install the "Future of Travel" exhibit in mid 2015.

One of the coolest things happening w.r.t. MOSF is architectural, as in (reported by the Washington Post, "Contest seeks entries in science fiction museum design."

Seriously cool.
My architectural skills are exceeded even by my drawing skills, which are at the stick-figure level. (I paint pictures with words for a living, but somehow I can't see that technique extending to architectural renderings.) Hence I didn't enter MOSF's contest -- and it was just as well. I could hardly have competed with (at left) this winning vision.

Would you like to see MOSF open in Our Nation's Capital? Of course you would! Then consider the museum's ongoing fund-raising effort.

In any event, for more recent/complete museum news, check out MOSF's 3Q2014 progress report.

And in other genre news, it turns out that Israel -- that hotbed of high-tech innovation, and home of the Iron Dome anti-missile / defensive system -- has produced no English-language anthology of its own SF. That unfortunate state of affairs may soon change ...

Zi-Fi in a pita
Curious? Check out Zion's Fiction. Merely the site's artwork (sample at left) is worth the visit.

And don't miss the endorsements page, with support from (among many) the likes of SF authors David Brin, James Gunn, Larry Niven, and Robert Silverberg, and SF historian Brian Stableford.

Then, if you liked what you saw, head over to The Zion's Fiction Project at Kickstarter.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone ELSE think it's odd that the MOSF winning design is reminiscent of the Qa'aba (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qaaba), and the rest of the post is about Israeli science fiction? Probably coincidence but the human mind sees patterns (sometimes where they don't exist...)

Edward M. Lerner said...

I'd chalk it up to coincidence, but then I'm merely the author ;-)