Monday, April 27, 2015

The enigma deepens / the plot thickens

Last week, in InterstellarNet: Enigma -- a mystery (starts to be) revealed, I announced the first installment of a new InterstellarNet adventure. Part One of the serial is "The Matthews Conundrum." Today I'm happy to report that Part Two of the serial is also released to all three major ebook venues: Amazon/Kindle, BN/Nook/ePub, and iTunes.

The serial edition
Firh Glithwah, leader of the Hunter clan Arblen Ems, schemes to liberate her people from two decades of ignominious internment and isolation on a remote moon of Uranus. She will have her vengeance against the clan’s human oppressors.

Only the hated humans may be the least of her worries ....

The Hugo-centric edition
(Just so ya know: Part Two of the serial, "Championship B'tok," is based upon the 2014 Analog novelette of the same name. A few weeks back, when that story became a Hugo nominee, my publisher rushed a special edition of the story to the Kindle store. If you have the red-backdrop ebook pictured nearby, it contains both the Analog/nominated version and (slightly tweaked and expanded) Part Two of the serial. But if the spiffy new cover is worth an extra 99 cents to you, I won't stand in your way.)

And in the intervening week, the overall novel collected another great recommendation:
"Edward M. Lerner’s InterstellarNet: Enigma is an engaging, intellectually stimulating science fiction novel spanning cosmic time that tackles a puzzle fundamental to the series. Science and logic dominate the narrative in a way they do all too rarely in the field these days. Chock full of aliens, spaceships, killer robots, artificial intelligences, InterstellarNet: Enigma does not shy away from action when the story calls for it, representing a satisfying balance of thought and deed. This is quality science fiction."
-- Mike Brotherton, author of Star Dragon
Wyoming Infrared Observatory
Besides having great SF chops, Mike is an astronomer on faculty at the University of Wyoming.

Next week, I expect to bring you an update on Part Three. And something more ...

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