Monday, May 4, 2015

InterstellarNet: Enigma -- the wheels on the (omni)bus go round and round

With today's release of InterstellarNet: Enigma, Part Three / The Xool Emergence (in all major ebook formats) we're up to the third installment of the novel. Plot threads and crises are converging 

The epic continues
Carl Rowland, longtime agent of the United Planets Intelligence Agency, has been recalled to Earth to explain the death of his partner. Setting aside that he’s torn apart over her death, the summons is convenient: on Earth he stands a chance of unraveling an alien plot whose vague outlines have begun to emerge.

convenient hardly describes Carl's circumstances as everyone with even an inkling of the plot dies or goes missing ...

And the Xool? Who or what are they? You'll thank me for not spilling the beans. It'd be spoilerific.

Where the opening two episodes are each priced at 99 cents, this latest (and the two concluding) episodes are each $2.99. Still on the fence about the series? Continue by episode -- it remains quite affordable. But if you're hooked? That brings us to today's other news:

InterstellarNet: Enigma / Omnibus Edition is now released! The omnibus ebook edition includes all five episodes. Whereas Parts One and Two expand upon stories some of you have seen in Analog, beginning with Part Three the tale is all new. I defy you to predict where the story is going :-)

Choose the omnibus ebook (yes, in all major formats) for $7.99 and you'll come out ahead of buying the remaining episodes individually. (But either way, check out the cover for Part Four. It's gorgeous. Still, the Part III cover, above, remains my favorite of the series. By the end of Part Three, you'll understand it.)

The complete novel
And the print version of the omnibus edition? I expect that to be released around the end of June.

(Would you help me get out the word? Shares, reposts, and tweets much appreciated.)

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