Sunday, August 23, 2015

An honor just to be nominated

That my story "Championship B'tok" made it onto the final ballot for this year's Hugo awards? It was a surprise and an honor, notwithstanding the accompanying puppygate controversy. To share the novelette category with four such fine stories -- including two by fellow Analog-ians Mike Flynn and Rajnar Vajra -- only enhanced the honor.

2007 version
That was April. It's now August, and the votes have been counted. Thomas Olde Heuvelt will be taking home the rocket. Let me be among the first to congratulate him.

That's all I'll say for now about the news ... but in a few days, I may have something to add.


Anonymous said...

Ed. I wouldn't worry too much about the Hugo awards. The important point is that you actually sold your work to some very discerning editors. And that happened because they surmised correctly that folks like me would enjoy reading it. And I DO enjoy reading your stuff enough to actually PAY MONEY to read it. On my shelf I have "Moonstruck" (hard back), "Fools' Experiments" and "Small Miracles" (paperback) as well as both "InterstellarNet: Origins" and "InterstellarNet: Enigma" (kindle). And I'll likely buy others as time and funds permit.

Sure, a Hugo would be utterly cool! But, dude. You have actual FANS who don't really give a rat's patootie what your political leanings are as long as you keep turning out stories that make us think.

Edward M. Lerner said...

Thanks, Anonymous! You made my day.

- Ed