Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 is off to a fine start

For those of you who follow my non-blog writing, I'm happy to report that the new year is shaping up nicely. Here's, um, the story so far:

Sci Phi Journal, even as I type, is running my short story "Catch a Falling Star" as the inaugural work of SF they hope will lure you behind their (new business model) paywall. I'm honored that SPJ chose my story for that purpose. The tale's opening (free) is here.

Meanwhile, Analog continues my nonfiction series about genre tropes, collectively "The Science Behind the Fiction." The zine's January/February issue offers Part I of "Human 2.0: Being All We Can Be," opening a discussion of all manner of tech-driven augmentations and transformations. Part II, in Analog's March issue, will conclude the topic. As with earlier articles in this TSBtF series, I've blended science and tech with lots of literary and video SFnal examples.

(The overall series will resume -- alas, I can't yet tell you the specific issues -- with another two-parter: "Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel.")

For my previous foray into deco punk
Upcoming in Analog's April issue, a twofer: my deco-punk novelette "Soap Opera" and -- making my debut guest appearance in the "Alternate View" column -- a piece (somewhat) about quantum mechanics. Next up, peering all the way out till the May issue, I have a guest editorial: "The Dread Question."

Not to mention that I have more stories on submission in various markets. And that I keep writing. Stay tuned ...

I've saved the new year's best news for last. Longtime Analog readers might remember my 2013 space-opera serial, Dark Secret. They (and, one hopes, others among you ;-) ) will be pleased to know that Dark Secret has been picked up by genre publisher Phoenix Pick. I'll report back, when I can, with the novel's print/ebook release date(s).

Every year should start off like this :-)

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