Friday, February 19, 2016

Double jeopardy

Today's snailmail brought the April 2016 issue of Analog. Stranger things have happened than spotting my name on the zine's cover (*) -- although IIRC, the juxtaposition with a dinosaur is new. I'm quite certain that "Soap Opera," my novelette in this issue, is dinosaur-free.

(*) Don't take that to mean I'm blase about it. It's an honor.

But that's not the news ...

Over the years, Analog has hosted my fiction at every length, from the shortest of short stories through serialized novels. For the zine's nonfiction side, I've contributed science articles and guest editorials. And with this latest issue, I've staked out a bit of new territory: an "Alternate View" column. Call it a science article with attitude. "A certain uncertainty" is, at the least, worth a quantum of your contemplation :-)

And that, given the beastly cold I've been fighting this entire week, is apt to be all I'll have to say for awhile ...

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