Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Greetings, Known Space fans!

Tor Books has just (re-)released, as a two-novel combination, Larry Niven's Ringworld's Children and (by the both of us) Fleet of Worlds. That's quite the volume!

(I use "volume" loosely -- the combo is available as an ebook, too, of course. We're not cavemen.)

A two-fer
Click for the two-fer
Ringworld's Children is the last of four Niven-only Ringworld novels. Fleet of Worlds, which opens 200 years before Ringworld, begins our acclaimed companion series -- while revealing more about the famed Puppeteers than the four Ringworld novels combined. And about Nessus, too :-)

"Action and clever world building should captivate newcomers to Ringworld, while returners will appreciate picking up loose ends from previous Ringworld volumes."
-- Booklist (on Ringworld's Children)

" ... Needs recommending within the science fiction community about as much as a new Harry Potter novel does – well, anywhere."
-- Locus Magazine (on Fleet of Worlds)

New to Known Space? Just been away for awhile? Here's a great opportunity to (re)visit the grandest future history of them all. As the copy writer proclaimed on the cover: "Two masterpieces of science fiction. One price."

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