Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keeping the pipeline filled

I'm pleased to report two upcoming publications.

Cogito ergo sum
First, in my ongoing "The Science Behind the Fiction" essay series in Analog about SF tropes: a two-issue look at artificial intelligence. That's "A Mind of Its Own." Part I, tentatively scheduled for the September issue (which in publisher-speak, means released in July) covers all the basics of AI up to and including human-level intelligence. Part II, to run one month later, explores the opportunities and dangers inherent in a cascade of ever-more intelligent AIs possibly culminating in a Singularity. As always in the SBtF series, I illustrate the concepts with a plethora of examples from written and video SF.

(And if you've missed it, Analog is currently running -- that is, in the May and June issues -- another SBtF two-parter. This one is "Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel.")

If I Kindled your interest
On the fiction side, Analog recently accepted my novelette "Paradise Regained." In addition to John Milton, that title may evoke another memory: a 2007 novelette called "A Stranger in Paradise." Though set generations apart, both stories involve the planet ironically known as Paradise. ("Stranger" ran in the sadly departed Jim Baen's Universe, and headlines my 2010 collection A Stranger in Paradise.)

No word yet on a publication date for "Paradise Regained." I'll let you know when I know.

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