Thursday, June 2, 2016

As for the silence

I typically post on Monday or, most often, Tuesday. Many of you long ago spotted the pattern (the weekly visit spikes within Blogger stats are pronounced). Well, it's now Thursday evening, and this week -- till this moment -- I have yet to post. This quick note is for any of you wondering why.

Fish gotta swim / authors gotta write
There was Memorial Day weekend. And Life has intruded, from a leaky sprinkler system to a balky doorknob to, well, matters perhaps (if you can imagine it) less interesting. Uninteresting and deferrable are, most definitely, different concepts. And then there was the novelette that insisted upon my attention -- to all hours.

Happily, some of Life's administrivia has begun (by paying attention thereto) to sort itself out. And -- of far more relevance to visitors here -- as of earlier this evening, I finished a first draft of that novelette. In a word: Yay! In a few: there's a fighting chance I'll sleep better tonight.

Next week, I hope to do better blog-wise :-)

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