Monday, December 18, 2017

2017 retrospective

Since Career Two began back in 2004, I've gotten to see a new Lerner book reach store shelves, physical and virtual, most every year. Some years, it's been more than one. (Still, 2010 -- which saw four books published -- was quite the fluke. I don't write that fast.) But 2017? Nada, although the new book that sold this year is expected to be out early next year.

It got me to wondering: where has the time gone? Despite life's many intrusions, both large and small, 2017 -- rather to my surprise -- has been productive. As in:
  • eight original short-fiction appearances, at every length from flash fiction to novella, in three
    Cover draft
    different magazines.
  • an original poem appearance in a fourth zine.
  • an anthology appearance. 
  • the aforementioned sale of a new book, aka Trope-ing the Light Fantastic ("From mighty oak trees, little acorns grow").
  • the resale of an out-of-print novel (also expected out early next year). 
  • >80K words added to Deja Doomed (working title of the novel in progress).
  • and of interest, one imagines, to visitors to SF and Nonsense: about fifty posts.
Last, but certainly not least -- and doubtless of consequence to some future writing endeavor -- was the trip to experience this year's total solar eclipse ("Look! Up in the sky! Dark awesomeness.")

Putting all that together, I think I'll cut myself some slack. Especially considering the kitchen remodel I also went through this year.

Let 2018 turn out to be as eclectic and productive :-)

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