Thursday, February 15, 2018

What the %^&$#!! NOW?

The incompetence that is Yahoo continues its luge ride to oblivion (an update to last month's frustrated post, "What the &$#!! is wrong with Yahoo?"). A set of new failings:

Why does my Yahoo home page lose the ability, from time to time, to display RSS feeds? Given that the suddenly unavailable sources are as disparate as Fortune magazine, Yahoo's own financial service, and PCworld, I have to believe the problem is Yahoo's.

Why has my Yahoo home page spontaneously switched from its three-column, years-old formatting to two columns? (It's worse than that, but the details of the uninvited formatting changes aren't important to my point.) And why does the "Edit Layout" button no longer operate, so that I can maybe undo the SNAFU?

Why do assorted Yahoo services suddenly decide I'm not logged in, but know better when I refresh the screen? 

Why do my Yahoo email filters only work sporadically?

Why, when I do a Yahoo Calendar edit selecting "this and future events" of a series, does the Save function not update this event?
The Kramer
You're doubtless wondering: why continue using Yahoo services at all? A fair question. Inertia, and the effort necessary to switch fully to Google-equivalent services (though I'm partway there, to be sure).

But to change completely? I don't see that happening. It's like the infamous The Kramer painting from Seinfeld (“He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”) IMO, it is hypnotically compelling to watch just how bad a once great company get become ....


Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to use Yahoo and then complain about it?

Edward M. Lerner said...

1. I use Yahoo less and less, but it's time-consuming to replace it entirely.

2. As a onetime software engineer, I'm (morbidly?) fascinated with the declining condition of the services.