Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tiptoe, through the Trope-lets, ...

In my most recent post, "Trope-ing closer to release :-), I reported that I'd received -- and would disappear for awhile into a close reading of -- copy edits of Trope-ing the Light Fantastic (subtitled, The Science Behind the Fiction).

Inching closer :-)
I've reemerged -- after a weekend and a day of reading and commenting -- from that task. So exciting! Which is not to say you can yet rush out to order a copy. (I wish.) But we are closer. Yay, team!

Part of the time I was involved in that, my first and favorite reader, aka my wife, Ruth, was reading the completed first draft of my next novel: Deja Doomed. Ruth had, as always, many helpful suggestions. Soon I'll turn to incorporating those into an updated draft.

In other writing news, I learned that Analog is accepting Clockwork Cataclysm, my latest short story. No word yet as to its pub date.

Mine was the cover story
And speaking of appearances in Analog, in 2017 the 'zine published a novelette and two short stories of mine. I was tickled to learn that the novelette and one of the shorts are finalists in the zine's reader poll for last year. (Here's the announcement in Locus: "2017 Analog AnLab Awards Finalists.") On the Analog website, you can read many of the finalists, my stories included.

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