Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Today, it's official. And still epic.

Tor Books today released a discounted five-ebook bundle of the entire Fleet of Worlds series. That series is my joint venture in Known Space with Larry Niven.

(What about the Other Good News hinted at in last week's preview of today's release? That independent event came a few days earlier than I'd anticipated, and I posted then. So: if you only drop by here Tuesdays, my typical posting day, and so missed my out-of-cycle celebratory post Woohoo!, you may want to check it out, too. Stat. Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction (ebook) won't remain on deep-discount for long.)

But let's get back to the Fleet of Worlds series, and the news of the day ...

Fleet series ebook bundle on AmazonBottom-lining it: This is an epic offer on an epic -- and much acclaimed -- hard-SF story line that spans centuries and light-years. A story line with: Existential dangers. Larger-than-life deeds, both villainous and heroic. Truly alien aliens. Amazing advanced technologies.

How epic? Here's my favorite blurb per novel (in series order, from first to last):

"…Needs recommending within the science fiction community about as much as a new Harry Potter novel does – well, anywhere."  
Locus (on Fleet of Worlds)

"A snazzy thriller/mystery that keeps us (and our hero) guessing until the very end … Wide screen galactic scope, nifty super-science, crafty aliens, corporate corruption and cover ups, and a multi-leveled spy vs. spy vs. spy mystery with little being as it first appears make Juggler of Worlds a first class exemplar of pure SF entertainment."
— SFsite (on Juggler of Worlds)

"Combines sparkling wit and ‘old school’ hard sf with masterly storytelling and cosmic vision … enjoy the return of good, old-fashioned sf, packed with ideas, philosophical musings, and plenty of space action."
— Library Journal (on Destroyer of Worlds)

"Rescues, captures, kidnappings, reluctant temporary alliances, backdoor negotiations, propaganda campaigns, bluffs and double-bluffs, alien and cross-species politics, and, of course, betrayals. Lots of betrayals … One hopes that Niven and Lerner come up with some additional twists and turns.”
— Locus (on Betrayer of Worlds)

and, finally,

"Longtime Ringworld fans and current series devotees … should be more than satisfied by Niven and Lerner’s signature hard-sf spin on the events in the climactic final chapters." —Booklist (on Fate of Worlds)

Have I piqued your interest? On Amazon, check out The Complete Fleet of Worlds for Kindle (or visit other etailers for additional popular ebook formats).

And if you're not ready to make a five-book commitment? Fair enough. You can read about any individual Fleet series title by clicking its corresponding cover on the right.

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