Monday, April 15, 2019

Not a jug of wine and loaf of bread, to be sure, but still ...

Perhaps you've encountered my 2007 short story "A Stranger in Paradise," whether in its original (in the late, lamented Jim Baen's Universe) appearance, or reprinted in the Best of Jim Baen's Universe #2 anthology. Or maybe you've read that story's 2017, generations-after sequel, "Paradise Regained," winner of an annual Analog Readers Poll award

Art for "Paradise Regained" (by Eldar Zakirov)
If those two -- surely among my favorite short stories -- are not (with apologies to Omar Khayyam) "paradise enow," then I ask you to consider this late-breaking news:

  • The generations-later-still story "The Gates of Paradise" is in Analog's May/June 2019 issue. (Woohoo! My contributor copies just arrived in the mail.) If you're not a subscriber, the issue should be on newsstands on the 23rd.
  • And "Paradise Unbound"(*) -- you guessed it, unfolding yet generations later still -- is now under contract with Analog. (I don't have a publication date for this final tale in the Paradise story line. When I know, you'll know.)
Each of these stories stands alone just fine. But the entire four-story epic arc? Surely that rises at least to the jug-of-wine level of goodness. :-)

(*) And yes, I am aware the Shelley poem is titled "Prometheus Unbound." For now, you'll have to trust me -- my title version fits the latest story.

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