Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What's old is new again

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter-in-place rules in ever more places, and the economy more or less stopped, realistically my news of the day hardly rates a mention. All that said ... it pleases me. In particular, I'm happy to announce that ReAnimus Press has just reissued my earliest two novels. With classy new cover art, I hasten to add ....

Kindle link for Probe
My debut novel was Probe -- and it's true what they say. You always remember your first time ;-)

And what, you ask, is the probe of the title? The hero's own robotic spacecraft, prowling the Asteroid Belt for mineral wealth? The alien derelict that Prospector had the (mis)fortune to come upon? Something the military does not want found? Or is it something really out of the ordinary? 

"With a scientist's background and a novelist's eye, Ed Lerner has written a fast-paced thriller sure to please techno-junkies, sci-fi lovers, and anyone who simply enjoys an exciting yarn."

-- Pete Earley,
   NYT bestselling author of Family of Spies: 
   Inside the John Walker Spy Ring

And second, a quite different tale, Moonstruck.

Kindle link for Moonstruck
Assigned as liaison between Earth and the aliens in a gigantic starship representing a federation of intelligent races, Kyle Gustafson becomes skeptical of the visitors' stated intentions. Joining forces with an alien refugee regarded as a freak among her own kind, he soon discovers that not even his darkest suspicions were dark enough ....

"Moonstruck is not just another alien invasion novel, but truly an original performance."
— Science Fiction Book Club

Both titles available in print, ebook, and (in an Audible edition) audio formats. 

We now return you to real life. But only if you want to go back.


PeteY said...

I enjoyed both books immensely. I hadn’t encountered you before. Now I’ve read the InterStellarNet trilogy too, and I’m hoping for another volume. As you ask in the afterward, what about the systems that ended up scattered away from the local group?

Edward M. Lerner said...

Thanks, PeteY. I'm glad you enjoyed all these books. Someday, I would like to return to the InterstellarNet universe, but I don't have any near-term plans in that direction.

- Ed