Monday, November 16, 2020

So: 2020 isn't *entirely* awful

A few times this year (most recently, with a cover reveal) I've posted about a pending novel: Déjà Doomed. (As mentioned elsewhere, its planned publication isn't till May 25, 2021.)

Any year in which a new book goes under contract can't be all bad. Déjà Doomed represented a (rare) highlight for 2020. So -- huzzah! -- imagine my delight in being able to report a second book just went under contract.

The new book? That would be The Sherlock Chronicles / The Paradise Quartet. Two independent novellas in one volume. The first, a near(ish)-future cyber mystery. The second, a far-future space saga. I'll have more to say about Sherlock / Paradise as matters progress.

Coming in 2021 (specifics TBD) from Ring of Fire Press ...

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