Monday, May 17, 2021

“Holy crap, this is a great book.”

(Last updated August 17, 2021)

Okay, that may be my favorite blurb ever. It's about Déjà Doomed, a direct quote from my recent interview on podcast Sci-Fi Saturday Night. 

Surrounding the forthcoming (May 25) release of this novel, lately I've done several interviews -- not all yet posted -- with more to come. Also, formal reviews will start to roll in. So: I decided to maintain a post with links to those reviews and interviews. Here's what's been posted so far:


Sci-Fi Saturday Night (audio)

Top Shelf Magazine (written)

Southside Broadcasting / U. of Lincoln (UK) (audio)

Chat with everything-award-winner Robert J. Sawyer (written)

Pen for Hire (video)

Book Lights (audio)

Going North (audio)

Awesome Book Promotion (written)

Writers Showcase (video)

NF Reads (written)

The Author Library (video)

NBC House of Mystery (audio)

Schmidt Talk (audio) (those intermittent whines and bangs are on the interviewer's end!)

Reader's Entertainment (written)

A Campaign for the American Reader trifecta, at My Book, The Movie , the quirky-but-fun Page 69 Test, and Q&A with Edward M. Lerner (all written)


Publishers Weekly

H. M. Gooden (author of The Rise of the Light series)

Stay tuned :-) 

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