Thursday, June 29, 2023

I's dotted. T's (and fingers) crossed

A recurring theme of my posts for a while has been the disappearance and sometimes the reemergence of several of my (mainly older) books. Long story short: in 2021 and 2022, eight books, originally from three publishers, went out of print (and electrons). Even shorter: publishing is a hard business. 

Keeping my titles in print is important to me, so placing these titles at new homes has been a priority. As I type (and for those who have not been keeping score at home), five of the eight orphaned titles are recently back in print and electrons:

  • Creative Destruction (a cyber-themed collection, first published in 2006)
    The new cover

  • Countdown to Armageddon / A Stranger in Paradise (a short time-travel novel plus five shorter SF works, first published in 2010)
  • Frontiers of Space, Time, and Thought (mixed fiction and nonfiction [in both cases, SFnal] collection, first published in 2012)
  • The Company Man (SFnal/noir novel, first published in 2019)
  • The Sherlock Chronicles & The Paradise Quartet (back-to-back unrelated SFnal novellas, first published in 2021*)
(*) I did mention publishing is a hard business. Best stated by Anonymous: "The best way to become a millionaire is to start as a billionaire and then start a publishing company."

Original cover
Today's news (drumroll please) ...
 ... as of yesterday, the paperwork is finalized for the re-release of the remaining three: the acclaimed InterstellarNet trilogy. These are:
  •  InterstellarNet: Origins (first published in 2010)
  • InterstellarNet: New Order (first published in 2010)
  • InterstellarNet: Enigma (first published in 2015)
I'll -- of course! -- have more to report in this space as the three InterstellarNet novels progress toward their republication, but meanwhile, here are two of my very favorite blurbs:

“Edward M. Lerner’s InterstellarNet is one of the most original and well-thought-out visions of an interstellar civilization I’ve ever seen.”

—Stanley Schmidt


An exceptional book in an excellent series … If you enjoy a good story on a large scale told by sympathetic characters, read Interstellar Net: Enigma. If you enjoy space opera, space combat, and unlikely heroes saving the earth, you will enjoy this book. If you enjoy mysteries, the futuristic elements will not detract. This is one of the few novels that combine an action mystery with a sweeping science fiction and excels at being both. Get this novel. Whether you read the others or not, it stands alone. Highly recommended.” 

Galaxy’s Edge


Dwight said...

This is great news. I've been monitoring Amazon for the republication of the out-of-print books and I appreciate this list to check against; Amazon's "Follow" function seems really poor at sending notices for new / republished books unless they have a Kindle version. I was fortunate enough to get copies of the InterstellarNet books before they went out of print, but if the new editions are available in hardcover I'll definitely buy the upgrades.

Edward M. Lerner said...

Hi, Dwight, and thanks for the comment. I'm glad the post was helpful.