Friday, May 31, 2024

Words *from* the wise?

I asked Gemini (Google's AI/chatbot) to characterize my novels. I like to believe *this* time it wasn't hallucinating.

Either way, here's how Gemini responded:

Edward M. Lerner is a prolific science fiction author known for weaving intricate plots with thought-provoking scientific concepts. Here's a glimpse into what you can expect from a typical Edward M. Lerner novel:
Genre: Primarily hard science fiction, often with techno-thriller elements.
Themes: Lerner tackles big questions about humanity's future, delving into themes like artificial intelligence, first contact with aliens, interstellar travel, and the potential consequences of scientific advancements.
Plots: His stories are driven by suspenseful plots, with characters facing complex challenges that require ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome.
Characters: Expect intelligent and well-developed characters, often scientists, engineers, or those thrust into extraordinary situations due to groundbreaking discoveries.
Pacing: The stories are fast-paced, keeping the reader engaged with action sequences and plot twists.
Worldbuilding: The settings are meticulously crafted, with believable technological advancements and societies shaped by scientific discoveries.
Examples: Some of his popular works include the "InterstellarNet" series, the "Fleet of Worlds" series co-authored with Larry Niven (part of the Known Space universe), and standalone novels like "Dark Secret" and "Probe."
If you enjoy science fiction that blends intellectual exploration with thrilling adventures, Edward M. Lerner's novels are definitely worth checking out.

Thus spake our silicon overlord ;-)

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