Friday, June 28, 2024

*Start* of an era

I'm pleased to announce forthcoming new print and electronic editions of four of my earlier novels. (Why only forthcoming? These things take time, but expect the new editions to appear before summer is out.) 

The novels in questions are

  • (original cover)
    Fools' Experiments: “When the artificial intelligences … go maverick, they turn out to be the true weapons of mass destruction. A fast, fun read.” — Sci Fi Weekly
  • Small Miracles: “Suspense and action enough to fuel any thriller, and even to drive it to the big screen.” — SFrevu
  • Energized: “A taut near-future thriller about an energy-starved Earth held hostage by a power-mad international cartel … Lerner’s vision of the future is both topical and possible in this crisp, fast-paced hard SF adventure.” — Publishers Weekly
  • Dark Secret: “I heartily recommend Ed Lerner’s Dark Secret.” — Tangent Online

The new publisher is the aptly named ReAnimus Press. 

Lots of my other books remain available while you wait ;-)

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