Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life, the universe, and everything (SFnal)

I knew this interview was pending on the popular book-review site Bookloons, but not exactly when the transcript would appear online. Today, as it happens.

We covered a lot of ground. Among the topics:
  • themes in my recent novels (which the interviewer dubs "near-future, near-apocalyptic thrillers")
  • the prospect of societal controls over new technologies
  • how SF portrays artificial intelligences
  • if/how AI might come to be
  • the risks of nanotechnology
The interview ends with a sneak peek at my next books (probably 2010 releases), one a collaboration with Larry Niven and the second a Lerner solo.

Bookloons also posted its review of the recently released Small Miracles, concluding: "I highly recommend Small Miracles to anyone interested in relatively near future SF, and in the fascinating possibilities of nanotechnology."


Catreona said...

Hi Ed,

I finally downloaded Fools Experiments and am looking forward to starting it tonight.

Edward M. Lerner said...

Not the most traditional Thanksgiving reading ... but I'm okay with that ;-)

Happy Turkey Day.

- Ed

MikeP said...

Greetings Ed,

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I'm enjoying the Known Space series. I was a big Niven fan back when he was originally writing them. Your collaboration is thoroughly enjoyable and an excellent addition to that universe. I just finished Destroyer of Worlds and was a little surprised at the loose ends. In the above mentioned interview, you say that the next novel will be Louis Wu's backstory. Will we see the Gw'oth there and/or Thssthfok's fate? Or should I just behave and wait for it?
Regardless, many thanks for prompting Niven to do this. The two of you are quite a team. Great stuff!

Edward M. Lerner said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your kind words. Larry will appreciate them, too.

Destroyer of Worlds isn't the end of the story arc, so it can't tie up every loose end.

Given Ringworld's long-lived popularity -- and Louis Wu's central role in *that* book -- I can't imagine the Marketing folks leaving Louis Wu off Betrayer of World's cover. Other than that hint, I'm keeping the next book's storyline close to the vest. I don't want to let slip any spoilers.

- Ed

MikeP said...

Haha! The answer I expected, but you can't blame a guy for trying. Keep 'em coming, please, and have a great holiday season. - Mike

Edward M. Lerner said...

... have a great holiday season. - Mike

You, too.

- Ed