Friday, December 18, 2009

And the speculation is rampant

At every con and book signing, and in every SFnal chat room, it seems that the craft of writing and the business of publishing eventually come up. There's a sort of symmetry in play: most writers are inveterate readers, and many readers aspire to be authors.

So: I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity by WriterHouse to teach a weekend seminar on writing speculative fiction. The seminar will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24, in lovely Charlottesville, VA.

Lovely isn't mere politeness -- among its charms, Charlottesville is home to Monticello and the University of Virginia, both legacies of Thomas Jefferson. The image is of the UVa Rotunda, designed by Jefferson.

For a course description and info about registration, see here. (The spec-fic seminar is at the end of this Winter Term course catalog.)

WriterHouse is also hosting me the evening before (Friday, January 22nd) at a book signing and discussion open to the public.

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