Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Because two Eds *are* better than one

Perhaps it's impossible to be serious when Sirius rises with the sun (see: Dog Days). And though my currently running serial in Analog is Energized, the current heat wave has rendered me enervated.

(But even when I am serious, I stay current with the goings-on aboard the space station RU Sirius. If you haven't discovered Brewster Rockit, you should.) 

But two Eds, you say ...

More, actually. A plethora.

I'm not Edward (sometimes, Ned) Lerner the game designer, perhaps best known for the simulator Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer. And yet, my son programs games for a living ...

I'm not, as one commenter speculated, Fred Lerner on the "Hidden History of Science Fiction" panel at the latest Readercon (see article at SFsignal). I've met Fred at cons, and he's one of the SLOF. (That's Secret Librarians of Fandom, a group so secretive that I can't find a decent web page to which to link. Trust me.) And yet, my wife is a librarian.

Nor am I (though I like to think the description applies) "Ed Lerner, man of science and taste."

And (you'll see the connection if you watch the video) I'm originally from Chicago.

I am -- paling in comparison to that video -- the Ed Lerner sporadically cited in SF-author colleague Michael F. Flynn's recent excellent two-part posting "Entitlement." Here and again, here, Mike takes on the art (mostly) and the science of crafting titles for SF stories and novels.

So there you have ... something.

With that, I'm back to work on the dark secret that is -- still only a working title -- Dark Secret. (Does that title work for you? Opinions welcome.)

In any event, I hope you found today's post Ed-ifying.


Erik said...

Dark Secret?
Depends on the cover art...

Edward M. Lerner said...

Thanks for the input, Erik.

Ah, cover art. It's extremely important -- and something over which authors have little influence (and no authority).

- Ed