Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Maybe the Mayans had it right ;-)

Submitted for your approval ...

"VW agrees to kick the "Crackberry" habit": Is it a harbinger of sanity or an omen of pending doom?

"Will China Break?" as Paul Krugman suggests? Or will the bull safely exit the porcelain emporium?

While teams of particle physicists feverishly search for a needle in a haystack's worth of haystacks, one physicist spends $2,600 for a custom Lego kit to build a 9,500-piece scale model of CERN's Atlas (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) detector -- part of the hunt for the Higgs boson. Heavy.

From the Department of Don't Believe Everything You Read, be sure to read "Doh! Top Science Journal Retractions of 2011."

From the Department of The Cobbler's Child Goes Barefoot, "Hackers target US security think tank."
Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (aka Stratfor) -- adviser to all manner of government agencies, international entities, and megacorps -- is the latest high-profile victim of hactivist group Anonymous. To judge from early reports, Stratfor was as sloppy with its in-house security as, well, an all-too-long list of organizations. Among the claimed disclosures: Stratfor's confidential client list.

And I'm more than a little worried about a different sort of clientele. See "Nevada brothel owner to open Sci-Fi themed hooker house for men who want to bed women from out of this world."

Despite the omens, I hope to see you back here throughout 2012.

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