Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Something for everyone

Is Glass half empty or half full?
Think you're ready for Google Glass? Maybe think again. See "Google Glass: A Treat for Hackers":

The report said that hackers will also be able to monitor Google Glass' users' activities on their smartphones ... 
How about another cutting-edge personal product: a smart watch? Maybe what's old is new again. Check out "8 myths about the smartwatch revolution."

Let's move on to more revolutionary tech. I've long been fascinated with nanotechnology (an interest best illustrated by my 2009 novel of medical nanotech: Small Miracles). One of my primary research sources was K. Eric Drexler, commonly credited with bringing nanotech to public attention through his 1987 (and still quite popular) book "Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology."

So: I was happy to run across this Drexler
interview: "Nanotechnology's Revolutionary Next Phase" (in conjunction with this month's release of his latest book, Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization).

That's the trendy and the trendy-and-small. How about something big? Perhaps something astronomical? Try "Discovered! Most Earth-Like Alien Planet & 2 Other Possibly Habitable Worlds." One of those worlds, Kepler-69c, is:
1.7 times bigger than Earth and orbits a star similar to our own. It's the smallest world ever found in the habitable zone of a sunlike star, researchers said, and represents a big step toward discovering the first-ever "alien Earth."
Not yet cosmic enough? Then consider the results of a simulation (not a discovery) that asks "Could Life Be Older Than Earth Itself?"

I'll leave you to ponder that ...

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