Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching up

My virtual clippings folder is again bulging, and if I add one more article, it might just explode. (Cue Monty Python.)

So: a few items of likely interest to SF and Nonsense readers ...

Extension cord extra
From the Department of Digitally Enabled Snoops: here's yet another company's good graces upon which you (*) are asked to rely. From Fortune, see "Tesla's Elon Musk Reminds Media His Cars Can Spy On Them."

(*) If you own -- or would aspire to own -- a Tesla electric sports car.

You're diligent about malware defenses and regular updates on your computers and router, even your tablet and phone -- and you're still at risk. From PC World, see "Researchers find new point-of-sale malware called BlackPOS."

While we're on the topic of network break-ins, via Computerworld see that "One in five data breaches are the result of cyberespionage, Verizon says." The same report says that 95% of cyber attacks originate in China. (If you don't remember my opinion of that "behavior," see "Of hacks and Higgs.")

But enough for one day of the drip ... drip ... drip ... of (in)security news. The physicist in me is fascinated by this report in the Christian Science Monitor that "Scientists examine nothing, find something." And by examining the nothing -- i.e., vacuum -- at the quantum-foam level, perhaps they will ascertain why the speed of light is what it is.

Any of you interested in news of the life sciences? Coupling tech (in this case 3-D printing) with biologic reporting, we have (from Science World Report), "3D Printing with Embryonic Stem Cells Paves Way for Artificial Organs."

I won't say that's all the news that's fit to reprint, but it's a start. And my slightly relieved "clippings" folder thanks us both.

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