Tuesday, September 30, 2014


That is to say, my energy-crisis, the-Russians-are-up-to-no-good, all-too-timely novel Energized was re-released today in its mass-market paperback edition.

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A miscalculation has tainted the world's major oil fields with radioactivity and plunged the Middle East into chaos. The few countries still able to export oil and natural gas—Russia chief among them—have a stranglehold on the global economy.

Then, from the darkness of space, comes Phoebe. Rather than divert the massive asteroid, America captures it into Earth orbit to mine it for materials with which to build enormous solar-power satellites. Cheaply produced in orbit and able to beam vast amounts of power to the ground, these powersats offer America its last, best hope of avoiding servitude and economic ruin.

But special interests, from technophobes to eco-extremists to radio astronomers, want to stop the project. And the remaining petro powers will do anything to protect their dominance of world affairs. 

NASA engineer Marcus Judson is determined to make the powersat demonstration project a success—even though nothing in his job description mentions combating an international cabal…or going into space to do it.

Beam it down, Scotty
I posted about the novel, of course, when Energized was first released. In the two years since that initial publication (and I couldn't tell you why this mass-market release has taken so long; publishers march to their own drummers), the book has picked up quite a few additional glowing reviews. Here are a few new favorites:

"ENERGIZED is excellent hard science fiction and a gripping adventure story. I came out of it still twitching, and sure that I'd been taught something too."
— Larry Niven, NYT bestselling author of Ringworld

"An extremely clever idea for a novel
well thought out and well-constructed. There are some wonderful big ideas in here ... mixed in with a strong plot involving political tensions, personal relationships, career scientists (a strange breed!) and plenty of thrills."
Layers of Thought

"An amazingly tense and for-all-the-marbles thriller."
SF Site

"A magnificently fun romp."


"I'd recommend this to anybody that enjoys the mystery/thriller genre."

Edward M. Lerner
Tor Books
ISBN-13: 978-0765366481

(For further background on Energized -- you know you're interested; you even read past the ISBN! -- see "The Crudetastrophe cometh ...," "Solar power: come rain or come night,") and "Sorry that I was so right."


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you are re-energized for a sequel ??? If not do you have any other books on the horizon?

Edward M. Lerner said...

Well, there COULD be a sequel (though it's not the project on which I'm presently at work). Whether ENERGIZED ends up with a sequel depends on sales.

(Too much pressure ;-) ?)

- Ed

Anonymous said...

well I have bought everything I can that you have available so let us know when the next books comes out I have more money to give :)

Edward M. Lerner said...

You are a fine fellow, (Second) Anonymous :-)

When something new is ready to come out, you'll see it first on this blog.

- Ed