Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Con-fusion / Writing updates

Last updated November 22, 2016

A few days ago, after taking a circuitous but scenic route, I finally made it home from MidAmeriCon II (aka Worldcon 2016) in Kansas City, Missouri. I had a great time there visiting with friends old and new. I took part in four panels and attended others, gave a reading, and held an autograph session. I had wonderful conversations around the convention center, and in the dealers room, the green room, the SFWA suite, the hotel lobby, and at many a meal.

Getting goonie at the con
I'm exhausted.

Happily, today I have an easy topic about which to post: writing news.

The short story "Paradise Regained," whose sale to Analog I had previously announced, is now tentatively scheduled for the January/February 2017 issue.

Analog has since accepted, but not yet scheduled, another story, the flash-fiction piece "The Pilgrimage." (For you Analog aficionados, that'll likely be a Probability Zero feature.)

And currently running in Analog, in the September and October issues, is the two-part "Science Behind the Fiction" article about AI, "A Mind of Its Own."

As for life beyond Analog ...

I recently sold two short stories to Galaxy's Edge (*). These are "Too Deep Thought" and "The Torchman's Tale." No news yet on the publication dates.

Overnight, Sci Phi Journal accepted the poem parody "A Visit to the Network Control Center." Too soon here, too, to comment on a pub date.

Meanwhile, Springer has advanced the publication date of Science Fiction by Scientists (with my short story "Turing de Force" and its accompanying essay) from November 7 to September 13. That's soon :-)

(Later-in-the-day update: Springer just moved release back a tad. It now looks to be October 20. Still close.)

(September 9, 2016: And now Springer has re-rescheduled -- postponed -- the antho's release till December 15. Maybe I should just announce when the book is out.)

(November 22, 2016: The Science Fiction by Scientists anthology is available, in the US, at least. Woohoo!) 

Next up: my 2013 FoxAcre Press chapbook A Time Foreclosed, which features two of my time-travel tales (a novella and a short story -- yes, both originally in Analog). ATF is in its final stages of audio production. I'm quite pleased with the result, and look forward to the audio book's imminent release by Wildside Press through Audible.com.

The final cover
And having saved the best for last ... were you at all curious about the basis for my reading at Worldcon? Not to keep you in suspense, I chose to share the opening chapter of my latest novel: Dark Secret. (I've been tantalizing regular visitors about that book, most recently at "Dark Secret inches closer ..."). Ending with a cliffhanger, naturally.

The print edition of the novel, from Phoenix Pick, came out just in time for the con -- in fact, I hadn't seen a physical copy of the book till I snarfed one up from the Arc Manor booth(*) at the con an hour before my reading! I expect the ebook editions to  be out ere long.

When the new novel is fully released, you can count on finding full coverage of it here :-) 

(September 12th update: the book is fully released, including ebook editions -- all as I announced here.)

(*) The Phoenix Pick line of SF books and Galaxy's Edge magazine are both published by Arc Manor.

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