Monday, August 22, 2016

Eight years! Yowza!

The first post here at SF and Nonsense appeared on August 25, 2008. That's basically eight years -- and almost five hundred posts -- ago. That first post was "So why am I here?" Looking back -- and somewhat to my surprise -- I've pretty much stuck with my topic.

Today, rather than post anything new, I invite you to explore some of (the quite a lot of) what's already here.
  • Check out the most popular posts (scroll way to the bottom for those).
  • Find a topic of interest within the tag cloud (right-hand side near the bottom), and zoom in on related posts. 
  • See what I've had to say about my books (find them in the tag cloud, or click on any of the right-hand thumbnails).
  • Look in the archives (right-hand column past the book thumbnails).
If you find something that (for good or ill) speaks to you? Comment away ;-)

In any event, have fun! I know I did.

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