Monday, April 9, 2018

Move 'em on, head 'em out (the annual posts roundup)

Starting in the ancient past of 2011 with "Postscript (or is that post post?)", I've blogged every year around this date about popular posts here at SF and Nonsense. These annual summaries have always begun with the blog's top-ten, all-time hits -- but this year, I'm going to dispense with that bit of the tradition.  The all-time top ten remain the same as a year ago (see "Post posting"), differing only in a couple slight changes of position within the list.

Fine posts, every one
But recently popular posts? That's another story -- or ten stories, if you will ;-) and only two of these ten are also on that all-time list.

Herewith, the most popular ten posts for the past month (meaning the past thirty days, spanning a calendar-month boundary), Blogger providing that compilation.

#10, "2017 retrospective" (December 18, 2017): a look-back on my authorial year -- the new novel almost completed; stories sold to anthos and zines; that sort of thing.

My closest approach to a Gw'o
#9, "Quoth the Gw'oth" (April 2, 2013): a perennial favorite, featuring detailed back story of the utterly alien Gw'oth I invented for the Fleet of Worlds series of novels with Larry Niven. The little guys are, to judge from reader feedback, much liked!

#8, "That's Life" (January 9, 2018): recent news from the frontiers of the life sciences.

#7, "Looking back" (March 26, 2018): a physics/astrophysics retrospective.

#6, Betrayer of Worlds" (October 10, 2010): another perennial favorite, the publication announcement for the fourth and penultimate volume in the Fleet of Worlds series. Coincidentally (or not), the Gw'oth play a large part in this novel.

#5, "Of space ... and spaciness" (March 19, 2018): astronomy news and (the spaciness part) my venting about terrible science reporting on the biological effects of spaceflight from the year-long NASA twin study.

#4, "A (non)post" (December 7, 2017): in which I vented about all the reasons I had no time that week to post.

Coming April 30 ...
#3,  "Tiptoe, through the Trope-lets, ..." (March 6, 2018): another writing update, not least of which was progress toward publication of Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction.

#2, "Trope-ing update" (April 2, 2018): Both an update and a gladness-making snapshot of the Kindle edition's achievement on Amazon. Four weeks from release, the Kindle edition, available for pre-order, ranked "Number 1 New Release in general technology and reference." (And it can't hurt to mention, the Kindle edition should remain on pre-release pricing through April 29.)

And (cue the drum roll ...) the #1 most popular post here on SF and Nonsense over the last month has been:

"Not *exactly* random" (March 13, 2018): a techie potpourri, ranging from cryptocurrencies to magnetic-pole reversal to the possible discovery of the remains of Amelia Earhart.

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