Monday, July 9, 2018

Life, the universe, and everything ...

And yet, the number 42 isn't involved :-)

The not-so-little observatory that could
Great observatories have (ahem) greatly extended our understanding of the universe. So, first, let us mark an imminent sad passing: "NASA put its famous planet-hunting telescope to sleep because it’s almost out of fuel: The Kepler Space Telescope’s life is finally coming to an end." This fine astronomical instrument detected more than 2K subsequently confirmed exoplanets (with more confirmations likely  yet to come). Quite the legacy.

Another fine instrument -- this one Earthbound: the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope -- has, for the first time, caught a planet in the very first stages of formation. See: "First confirmed view of a newborn planet: A planet coalesces from the disc of dust and gas around the dwarf star PDS 70."

The JWST. Much assembly required.
Alas, the it's-been-coming-forever James Webb Space Telescope -- NASA's long-heralded successor mission to the (fortunately still hanging in there) Hubble Space Telescope -- has hit another snag. As in, "NASA Delays Launch of James Webb Space Telescope Again — This Time to 2021."

That's one day's view of (viewing) the universe. As for the life part of the subject line, an over-hyped bit of last week's science news. First, an example of the more breathless reporting: "Large molecules show Enceladus 'clearly is habitable for life' " And here is a more cautiously (IMO, more precisely) worded version: "No, NASA Did Not Find Even 'Hints Of Life' On Enceladus."

And everything? That was everything for today ;-)

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pgocosmic said...

Was perusing Science Fiction authors to recruit participants to a Celebrities Cosmic Encounter game at next year's Museum of Science Fiction's 2019 Escape Velocity Con. EV 2019 will be hosting the first annual Cosmic Encounter World Championships.

I had to respond to 42.

This May at EV2018 our publisher, Fantasy Flight Games, announced the pending release of the 42nd Anniversary Edition of Cosmic Encounter. The true answer to everything. And Towel Day - May 25th coincided with the con. Fans sent in renditions of how some of the 196 Cosmic Encounter aliens celebrated Towel Day, and a great time was had by all.

Peter Olotka - designer Cosmic Encounter