Monday, July 30, 2018

The short and the short of it

My posts of late have focused on books and book reissues. I'm overdue with reporting what's new with my writing at shorter lengths ....

Let's start with the sale of a guest editorial to Analog. That's "Dystopic? Or Myopic?" (The first draft was for what I expected to be a post in this space -- but as it kept growing, I decided to redirect.)

Words leaking out of fingertips :-)
Next comes a short story: "I've Got the World on a String." As it happens -- and no spoilers here -- this story also involves some venting. "String" will appear in Galaxy's Edge.

And I've got another newly completed piece of short fiction out looking for its home.

From the Department of Found Money (if, admittedly, not a lot of it), I was approached by Science Fiction World -- a Chinese zine with a huge readership -- to translate and reprint "Paradise Regained" (the recent Anlab winner for 2017 short story). Here's hoping some of those readers will be clamoring for Chinese editions of my books. (There are a couple novels already in Chinese.)

Finally, I recently completed a novella in an ongoing series. Once the pending contract finds its way to me, I look forward to making that announcement.

Now I'm back to work on one more series novella :-)

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